About the Artist
Teresa has been a full time artist since 1992, creating mixed media sculptures and painting primarily in acrylics. She also works in other traditional two dimensional media, such as egg tempera, gouache, pen and ink, graphite, photography, oils. Her sculptures employ a variety of ancient techniques and materials, most notably leather and porcelain. Teresa also has a lifelong interest in music, and has also used porcelain and other types of clay to create ocarinas.

Although Teresa is originally from Ohio, she spent several years living in Canada, and now resides in Indiana. Frequent travel throughout the US and Canada, as well as travels in Europe, provide her with the ideas and inspiration for many of her pieces. Her sculptures feature both common and endangered plants and animals; her paintings portray landscapes, wildlife, historical architecture, and themes from ancient literature. Her lifelong interest in history, as well as her love of the outdoors, are both evident in her work.

The Ohio State University
Field of Study: Liberal Arts

Although she attended university, Teresa is entirely self-taught in the field of art. Her study of the literature of the Middle Ages led her to correspond with museum curators regarding some of the ancient pieces of sculpted leather which may be found in European museums. Years of research and experimentation led her to develop these techniques for use in her sculptural works. For more information on the processes used, visit the FAQs page.

Teresa began receiving awards of excellence for research and development in the field of historical leatherwork as early as 1988. In 1992, she was honored to receive a special laureate award of recognition in this area, which may be given only once to any individual. Her art has received numerous awards over the years since then, including an Award of Excellence at the Northern Wildlife Art Expo in Michigan, and the Best of Show award at the Castle Arts Affair in Delaware, Ohio. In 2002, she was honored to be chosen as the featured artist at the Wildlife & Nature Art Festival in Chardon, Ohio.

Teresa's work appears chiefly in private collections across 37 of the states in the US, as well as in Canada and various locations throughout Europe and the UK. Some pieces appear in the public sector, including this sculpture which remains on permanent display in the library at Inniswood Gardens in Westerville, Ohio:

In 2000, one of her pieces was purchased as the "Mayor's Choice Award" and remains on permanent display at the City Hall in Willoughby, Ohio. More recently, one of her pieces was purchased for permanent display at the Dublin Arts Council Gallery.

Teresa's work has been exhibited in many shows and galleries over the years. Among them: A solo exhibition at The Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton, Ontario; a solo exhibition at the Inniswoods Metropark in Columbus, Ohio; the Buckhorn Wildlife Art Festival; the Michigan Wildlife Art Festival; The Lambton County Studio Tour; The Lambton Public Gallery; The World Wildlife Exposition in Tennessee; Art in the Park in Windsor; The Art Gallery of Peterborough; The Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC; and a solo exhibition at the Glen Vista Wildlife Gallery in Michigan.

Teresa has taught many classes on the historical development of leather sculpting techniques and their applications in modern works, in numerous locations throughout the central and Midwestern United States. She has also worked with groups of children and teens to introduce them to the joys of experimenting with unusual media in the creative process.

Charity Benefits
Teresa has long been a supporter of wildlife charities and conservation through her art. Since 1992, she has participated in numerous benefits and art auctions to aid various causes, including the Wye Marsh Conservation Centre, Bereaved Families of Ontario, and many others. Most recently, she has joined forces with several animal charities by donating a portion of the proceeds from the online sale of some of her pieces. More information about this is available on the What's New page of this web site, as well as on the animal art page.

In 2003, along with fellow artist Laura Iverson, Teresa co-founded Worldwide Women Artists (WWAO) an international collective of women artists from around the world. The group now has over 250 members, and helps support a number of charities through online sales of their work.